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Welcome To XJY

XJY IMP&EXT CO.,LTD is your safest partner in China.

Unlike the normal and traditional trading company, XJY IMP&EXT CO.,LTD is offering products from a group of factories founded by members of a same family. The biggest factories of XJY are for Frozen Seafood, and second biggest business is for Hardware products. XJY has strong experiences in Hardware products, expecially for stainless steel and iron made products. All the products you can find from us are factory prices, XJY just put all the family resources into a united company. And we can be your agent for other products that we do not have, we simply charges you a very low service cost and you can directly deal with factories.



You can enjoy the factory prices of all the products we have. XJY IMP&EXP CO.,Ltd is a platform for our family's business:



Russian Stainless steel sink 77x50cm

Russian Stainless steel sink 77x50cm.


new products Russian Stainless steel sink

Russian stainless steel sink 80x60cm Russian stainless steel sink 80x60cm, single bowl single drainboard, with back splash, in Mirror finish.
Russian stainless steel sink 60x44cm Russian stainless steel sink 60x44cm, single round bowl single drainboard, Inset/Drop-in style edge, in Mirror finish.
Russian style stainless steel sink 60x50cm Russian stainless steel sink 60x50cm, one and a half bowl sink, Inset/Drop-in style edge, in Mirror finish.
Russian style stainless steel sink 60x60cm Russian style stainless steel sink 60x60cm, single bowl single drainboard, Layon/siton style edge, in Mirror finish.